February 21, 2012

My Client's Website

The only thing I could possibly blog about is our IPPs (independent professional projects) right now. A year's worth of work is due on Monday the 27th. Here is a small example of the work I have been doing. My client, Sun Valley RV, has agreed to let me update the layout and appearance of their website.

I wanted their website to better align with their friendly, welcoming brand. They have made their dealership a great place for RV buyers to enjoy browsing, so the site should be the same!

Take a look.


I made the phone number bigger and put their logo at the top of the page. The company name, "Sun Valley RV" is in one font only. There are more links to interesting stuff like videos. And visually there are more things to do (read: interesting/exciting).

Check it out for yourself: SunValleyRV.com

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