September 19, 2011

Brainstorming and Mood Boards

What is a mood board? Last week I was probably like you - this week I can tell you it is a collage of pictures representing the tone and feel of an advertising campaign.

In groups we made 4 mood boards, and today we started integrating them into our brainstorming. This was for the research and emerging stages of the campaign.

See our actual mood boards.

I was a bit skeptical on the process, but it seemed to work when we began commenting on the boards. We came up with words to describe the tone and emotions attached to the product.

As mentioned in a previous post, our client is the maker of the MTS Ultimate Events Calendar. We are going to make recommendations for the promotion (advertising/exposure) and product (user-friendly software).

It will be exciting to make promotional and product recommendations for a local company. It's totally a creative project - we have to come up with ideas to advertise and make the product better, and the possibilities are endless - it can be anything!

Exciting - check out channel 88 on MTS TV - it could be changing soon.

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