October 10, 2011


In group brainstorming - sometimes your idea is not the best. The session will start and you will THINK you are going to wow everyone.

But as the session starts - your hot idea may be a not idea.

You say it - and no one is impressed.

But something great happens in the process - ideas grow into an intertwined web - shared by everyone. Ideas spawn partly from inspiration. That inspiration often can come from confusion between people. 

For example - a person will say their idea and someone else will interpret it differently. And thus a new idea is born. From both people comes something better.

And this is a great way for everyone to contribute to the end idea. 

So even if you don't have ANY ideas, please say them - someone might confuse it for a good one!

PS. I've learned in brainstorming - it's impossible to come away and say, that was my idea - it's always ours.

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